Utopia Series

Utopia Prime

Book cover for Utopia Prime showing a woman staring out a window into space

Something unthinkable has happened on Utopia Prime. The Empire’s citizens have risen up and killed their masters. The Empire’s response is far worse. On a far distant world, war erupts. C.T. Dauntless is dispatched to return the planet to order. Charged with crimes against the Empire, all hell breaks loose on the planet of Utopia Prime. Princept Pamquin is out to change that. Disgraced through events orchestrated by him, he is promoted to Reginal Governor of Utopia Prime. A position most believe will be his end. He lands amidst the chaos of rebellion and begins to forge a world he hopes the Empire will find useful again. Meanwhile, Kaz and Justinia, a sophisticated launcher crew, must navigate the riddles of war and come out alive, but an evil provocateur has other plans. The fifth book by George Allen Butler II explores the question, if an individual creates life synthetically, do they own that life, or is that life free to choose its own destiny? Decide for yourself.