Fox Elvensword Series

The Sword of Bhaal

Fox Elvensword and the Sword of Bhaal

Born of deceit and troubled times, Fox Elvensword finds himself entwined in a web of intrigue that pits him against the citizens of his home town as well as the machinations of a dragon bent on the destruction of all Fox loves. He must fight against incredible odds, beat invincible foes, and struggle with the ones he loves, to become that which he is destined to be, the champion. He must survive all this and become THE RANGER.

The Champion of Tanger

Fox Elvensword and the Champion of Tanger cover

The whispers of the past begin to echo in the present. A bargain made two thousand years before to protect the city of Tanger, now threatens to destroy the elven future… Fox Elvensword, the one-time bearer of the Sword of Bhaal, is on a journey to the University of Te’are to become an Elvish Knight and prove his nobility exists in more than just his blood. He finds his efforts fraught with unexpected perils, thanks to the scheming of an evil provocateur. To defeat the wheels within wheels that are turning against the Elves of Tanger, Fox must learn lessons not always taught in class. He must navigate the riddles of war, love, and self-doubt to prove his mettle. The enemy of all he loves knocks at the gates, and failure will mean a dark age for all elvenkind. To succeed, he must become THE CHAMPION OF TANGER!

The Shard of Terraman

Fox Elvensword Shard of Terraman cover

As the seed of the Elvish Empire takes root in the scar of the world, Fox struggles with the mantle of Champion. Time has chiseled away at the boy and made him a man, but the ghosts of his past arise to threaten his future. He still owes a debt to find three lost swords, and that continues to eat at his core. The swords must be found. In the rocky stone of Shard Keep in the North Mountains, an evil stirs. As Bhaal sat quietly on his throne, the remnants of his once-proud empire crumbled away. Things that should not have been forgotten were left neglected for far too long, things that demanded his careful attention. Nevertheless, that was not left unnoticed by the authorities of such things. Bhaal cheated Death in a most intimate way, a way that leaves a festering wound. In the end, Death will have her way. Or will she?

The Errant Knight

Book cover depicting Fox Elvensword and a dark clad knight on horseback

The bridge at Canterbri cannot be ignored.  Either a conduit to the east or a conduit into hell, but the bridge is not quite as abandoned as it first appears.  The Shard has awoken something in the mountains, something ancient, evil.  A monstrosity has been alone for far too long and is hungry.  From its hidden lair, the fiend threatens with nightmares.  The beast simply will not allow the ranger to rest.