Fox Elvensword

Fox stands about 5’ 8″ tall with blond hair and blue eyes. He wears his hair long, showing his contempt for contemporary Selwin standards. His chest and arms are shaped and toned from long hours of sword practice. Thick sculpted legs support his muscled frame from years of running in the woods.

Fox was conceived when his mother Alanawen had forbidden relations with the priest Gabriel. To hide the offense and protect both from sure execution, she falsely identified Grishnak, the head of Ranger training, at the naming ceremony. This identified Fox as the Grumach caste rather than Selwin as he was born to.

From the start of his youth, Fox suspects he is Selwin, but without proof he was trapped. Those he tried to convince shrugged him off as delusional. His constant searching for proof drove a wedge between his relationship with his mother who fears what the revelation will cost her.

Forced to live as a Grumach he takes the only training path available, that of the ranger, taught by his father Grishnak. Disheartened by his inability to learn magic and how it confirms in some peoples minds his Grumach status, Fox falls back on a skill he develops to near perfection: The twin long swords. Fox devotes all of his spare time to mastering the weapon.

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