Flame stands proud at 5’ 7”. Although feminine, she has the body of a woman who engages in strenuous physical activity. Her hair was stained a blood red color by the Goddess Bridget during her initiation to the Flames of Bridget, a powerful sect of knights and priestesses that devote themselves to the Goddess. The red hair being a symbol of her devotion to the Goddess as is the red colored surcoat she wears.

Flame wears the finest armor she can acquire as well as carrying a shield and the two-hander of the University of Te’are where she studied to become a knight as well as a sorcerer. Unable to deny the connection to her, Flame adopted her name to the exclusion of her real one. She changed her name sometime after college for her specialization in fire magic. She truly sees herself as the Flame of Bridget personified. She takes pride in her abilities and views her skills as state of the art. In battle, she is formidable as she is irresistible.

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