Ellwin stands about 5’ 3” tall with brown hair and brown eyes. With a Lithe thin build and quick reflexes; she looks underdeveloped for a Grumach her age. She prefers to wear light armor and almost always wears hardened leather. Her main weapon of choice is the long bow because of its ability to reach out and kill at a distance.

A ranger of Treetop, she spends her time scouting the outer edge of the woods, staying to the heavily vegetated areas and plans her escape routes carefully. Being a constant thrill seeker, she is always on the lookout for good places to set up ambushes, just to see if she can get away.  She likes working with Fox as he is a ground fighter and keeps the attention away from her. Ellwin studies spells that either get her out of trouble quickly or give her an advantage in combat.

Aware of Fox’s desires, she tries to temper her close friendship with Fox so that it does not spill over into more romantic avenues.  She likes Fox, and sees him as a close friend she can trust in a fight, but she knows Fox hopes for more.

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