Celenae Elvensword

Celenae stands about 5’ 7” tall with long blond hair and blue eyes. Like Fox, she engages in martial contests to build strength as well as flexibility and stay proficient with her shield. Having an important position in any group, she wears the most protective equipment she can get.

Celenae presided over the birth of Fox as she was selected by her mother and a very skilled priestess of the All Mother. For the first ten years of Fox’s life Celenae is the one responsible for his care as his mother strangely shows a lack of care for the boy. When not looking after Fox, she spends her day seeing to all the elves of the city as she works in the temple and hospice. She shows her devotion to the goddess by preforming the works of the church as well as teaching the doctrine.

From her earliest days, she has followed in the footsteps of her father. Being skilled in combat, she takes on the mantle of spiritual guide and troop leader when the city is threatened to the chagrin of her mother. Celenae is well versed in the art of how to position her knights on the battlefield and direct them in combat. From her extensive skills in healing magic, she is the focal point of their efforts.

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